Civilization Trilogy

Civilization VI – Age of Warcraft (2015)

The third and the final game in Eastwood‘s Civilization Trilogy, Civilization VI – Age of Warcraft (2015) is dealing with issues of Cyberwar and Surveilance. While leading countries pumping industrial military sized budgets in the next few years into cyber war, tools and cyber soldiers, there is a small chance that the Internet will not turn into one big battlefield in which all of our personal computers will be used as units of silent and invisible war. The idea for Civilization VI came from the ever growing importance of algorithmic non-human actors in contemporary networks. Player needs to choose to play as the head of a secret service agencies or security companies and thus take the role in asymmetric warfare. Civilization 6 – Age of Warcraft is being supported by Gamification Lab of Centre for Digital Cultures of Leuphana Universität Lüneburg.