Civilization Trilogy

Civilization V – Age of Love (2008)

In the second game of Eastwood’s Civilization Trilogy, the Civilization V – Age of Love (2008), Eastwood continues their project of mapping the techno-capitalist tendencies of ‘real-time’ strategy and online worlds. Civilization V – Age of Love is a game that addresses the competition for dominance between companies working with Web 2.0 technologies (being dominant in 2008, such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, persistently online games such as Second Life and World of Warcraft, social networks, social content aggregators and free labour market. In order to advance through the game, companies are using tactics like ‘Emotional blackmail’, ‘Tribal marketing’, ’Community control management’, ‘Fear’ or ‘Love bombing’. The project is using recent researches and developments in the field of digital economy, online marketing and social networking and psychology. The soldiers/workers are teenagers who need to be attracted to spend more time online. Game development has been supported by ISEA 2008.